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Food and beverage shows across the world still continue to use pen and paper when judging competitions. DrinkMe is a suite of web applications that allow you to control your show from behind your laptop; faster, easier, more efficient and more accurate than you’ve ever experienced before.

Changing the Game

The most consistent feedback that showrunners hear is that competitors want more feedback and engagement following a show.

DrinkMe Cellar

Cellar is your customer portal where competitors can create an account, make their submissions, provide immediate payment and get feedback following a challenge.

DrinkMe Manager

The Web Based Manager is your control centre, where you can keep track of your database, allocate wines to classes and find judges scores and feedback.

DrinkMe Judge

Use online or take advantage of the Judge app to give your judges the tools to efficiently score and deliberate, so they can focus on the more important task of actually judging

DrinkMe Discover

Apply this plugin to your WordPress based website to immediately upload the results from your show to a WooCommerce-style interface that your customers can publicly explore

Results online in a flash

DrinkMe Discover takes the hard work out of getting your results online for the world to see. With one click, you can publish all your results with imagery and results.

The Most Powerful Web Applications & Specs

To impress the nerds…

With great power, comes great demand for the tech running the system to be at the top of its game. Run these points past that uncle that has a knack for computers so that he can give you the thumbs-up to work with us…

Incredible Data Integrity

Your data is encrypted by a Comodo SSL certificate with a $250,000 warranty. There are hourly Acronis backups and everything is entirely on Australian servers.

Full Database Exports

Don’t want to be married to us for all eternity but you like your own data? No worries!

All data points collected can be exported to Excel spreadsheets at any time to allow you the flexibility to take your data wherever and whenever you want

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Pick and choose your poison

It’s your show, so you don’t have to run everything through us.

If you want to collect entry details but then use your own management and judging system, you can! You can use as many or as few of our services as you want.


Walkthroughs and Documentation

DrinkMe is a well documented software suite, with additional support available for show runners and end users

DrinkMe Cellar

Video Walkthrough


DrinkMe Cellar
Step-by-Step Guide


DrinkMe Manager


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DrinkMe Cellar

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